What i love  most about this season is celebrating the holidays with my family ,share delicious food,set and decorate the table with sweet festive touches.So for this table i chose cozy elements to go with our theme of Red,White and Grey.

Here are 5 simple and festive decorating ideas for you to create your own holiday table:

1.Use tablecloth with bright color  

I used a grey tablecloth.The plates and ribbons are red,they add a bit of festive touch as well and they are a nice contrast to the cold grey.

2. Decorate the center of the table with DIY decorations

For this table i made some DIY present boxes and a candle jar.They give a holiday touch to the table.I used an empty boxes with different sizes,wrapping them with simple white and grey letter and red&white gingham ribbon bow. For the jar i put the red scented candle with snowflake made it by myself (the idea is from Pinterest)and the same gingham ribbon. For more warmth and light to your table incorporate some small candles.

3.Decorate the center of the table with a vase of fresh flowers or branches 

For a centerpiece at this table for more cozy look i put these gorgeous red winter berry branches in a big glass vase and decorated it with mini cute white& red trees and sparkle with small pieces of white cotton,to give the snow and winter feeling to the table.

4. Use cloth napkins

Cotton white cloth napkins add class and style to your table. I used  some doily white napkins 

5. Decorate each Plate Setting with a Simple Decoration

Simple mini decorations have a classic appeal. Place a ring that it goes with your table colors on a cloth napkin and top with a festive decoration.Under the dinner plate place a white doily paper. The same doily paper is used at the center under the plates with boxes.


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