Tuesday, December 27, 2016


There's nothing quite as elegant as a birthday dinner table that's put together with a beautiful table setting for each guest .This can turn an ordinary birthday meal into one that's extraordinary and make every person at the table feel like they're part of something special.The good thing about my birthday  table is that you can use this theme for a New Year's Eve tablescape.  My birthday was on 25-th of December,so the holiday atmosphere starts early at our house.Setting a tablescape if you have an inspiration is more excited and will help you for more ideas. My inspiration about my birthday table was my name FJOLLA -in Albanian it means snowflake and the second inspiration the entry on the gold decade of my life ( I turned 31 years) .This helped me to decorate my table with snowflakes and gold so i came up with the name GOLD SNOWFLAKE.

I added gold sparkly snowflakes  to each place setting.The charger plates are also gold and the dinner napkins are black with a blingy napkin ring.

Friday, December 23, 2016


    Today I'll be showing you a winter black and silver holiday tablescape. What i love about this table is that you can use this theme for a winter tablescape and New Year's as well, since it's neutral and more winter focused.

My inspiration for my silver and black table were these DIY metallic gift boxes,if you doesn't have any decoration for your table use empty boxes by covering them with festive holiday gift wrap and bows.Put them down the center of your tablescape and that's it.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


One of my most favorite things about this time of the year is spending time with family. My holiday tablescape is one i can't wait to spend sitting around with family
There is something about decorating with traditional red and green that brings back sweet memories of the past.Do you have memories of being with your parents,grandparents and cousins for those wonderful New Year dinners. You can't help but to feel a lot of nostalgia when using the colors.These colors are bringing to me so many memories from my childhood.A time of gathering of family where we were surrounded by those we loved and loved us.So many memories from a time long ago.

Today I am sharing a table using traditional colors of red and green with gold accents that gives that festive look.

Usually my tablescapes are inspired by a particular theme,and this one was no exception.The plaid tablecloth that my mother used every year,now she gave it to me.
I paired the tablecloth with green napkins. 

Friday, December 9, 2016


What i love  most about this season is celebrating the holidays with my family ,share delicious food,set and decorate the table with sweet festive touches.So for this table i chose cozy elements to go with our theme of Red,White and Grey.

Here are 5 simple and festive decorating ideas for you to create your own holiday table:

1.Use tablecloth with bright color  

I used a grey tablecloth.The plates and ribbons are red,they add a bit of festive touch as well and they are a nice contrast to the cold grey.

Thursday, December 1, 2016



It doesn't have to coast a lot of money to create a beautiful tablescape and your friends will enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere you have created.I chose this tablescape for the last day of November.Fall has a beautiful pallet of colors so u doesn't need  to try a lot of mixing them,just take a look outside and see what mother nature has created! This same rule can be applied when styling a table.