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Erdhi koha më e bukur e vitit!Zbukurimet e festave janë gjithë andej! Nëse ju gëzoheni dhuratave të fundvitit tani është momenti i fundit që ti pregadisni ato.Do të doja të ndaja me ju disa sugjerime dhe ide se si ti bëni ato të duken sa më festive.
Në pamundësinë për të shpenzuar shumë këto ide do të iu ndihmojnë dhe frymëzojnë të përdorni kreativitetin tuaj për të bërë dhuratat sa më unike dhe të vecanta për personat më të shtrenjtë në jetën tuaj! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most beautiful time of the year is here!Festive spirit and lights are all around us! If you enjoy giving presents now is the last moment to prepare them.I would like to share with you some suggestions and ideas ho to decorate them to look more festive.
If you don't want to spend much these ideas will help and inspire you to use your creativity to make the presents more uniq…



       HOME! My favorite place!
   This is my favorite spot when it comes to the living room!Next to my plants that I'm in love, especially these mini cute cactus's makes me smile! They are gift from my mother. My brother bought me this classic and stylish coffee press, the "Home Sweet Home" tray we got from my uncle and it comes together with my everyday tea or coffee. These are the things that make a house a home!
For a fresh start to the New Year you don't need to do something massive to be a wonderful start! It's little things, like having a splendid afternoon ,pleasant conversation, warm tea and butter cookies with my mother on my favorite spot. "You don't need a special occasion to make a day special".

I just wanted to say that we have so much energy inside of's important to try our best to keep our thoughts positive in order to receive positivity from the world. "What you put out you receive". Let Love in, you'll be happier and feel more alive in your life. Respect the power of prayer and positive thinking!


  1. Such a uplifting post. You are so right, it's the little things that makes us happy. Home sweet home is the best ever. Your French press is lovely. We have one as well, but have only used it a few times. Spending time with Mom is always a pleasure. Looking forward to joining you on Chloe's Romantic Table for two.

  2. Thank you my Dear Linda!I'm glad that you like the post.Sometimes we became so emotional from occasional moments.I can't wait to join this friendly group of bloggers.
    Best regards

  3. i love your pretty from holiday journey


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